Early Adopters Group

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining the ‘Early Adopters’ group. The team are looking for up to 16 applicants to help us undertake the next phase of our work.

Now more than ever, on this transitional journey to a new way of working, there is an opportunity to embed and embrace Mental Health Wellness as the norm. No one should feel alone or unable to talk to someone at work and for this very reason you should sign up to the charter and follow the Mental Health Wellness in Dentistry Framework.

The Early Adopters group is an opportunity to further inform the Mental Health Wellness in Dentistry work. Being involved in the early work will provide insight to the work and successes of the training scheme, encourage others to adopt the work  as part of everyday practice and normalising mental health.  

We are particularly looking for a  wide range of applications from within the different settings of the dental profession, including laboratories and the dental academic settings. We believe this will give us the insight we are looking for to move to the next phase of our work. 

Being part of the Early Adopters group means you work closely with the team and others as you adopt the Mental Health Wellness in Dentistry approach within your workspace.

For further information please complete the online form below and the team will contact you.

Please provide a short commitment statement outlining your actions towards mental health wellness in your dental setting. You will be asked to provide evidence that the Mental Health Wellness training pathway has been completed.